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Terms & Conditions: 

The terms used on this site in the first tense such as 'We', 'Us', and 'Our' refers to the PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD. Booking any workshop from us on any of our platforms whether it be website or social media or email if in fact any format means you are availing of our 'services' and accept the term and conditions.

Public Liability Insurance

To attend the workshop event, you must have appropriate insurance in place including public liability, as you would for any professional photography job/activity. This is critical for the protection of your gear, and more. PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD is not responsible for any kind of personal or gear and equipment damage.

* Please be responsible for your own personal belongings. PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD is not liable for any accidental damage, loss or theft of the equipment while attending any of our workshops.


Other Liabilities:

We would also recommend having travel insurance. Travelling to foreign countries may carry liability issues. You will be responsible for any other insurance you deem necessary for yourself, which may include health insurance too. Again, PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD is or will not be responsible for any kind of personal, monetary, or equipment loss or damage.

* Please be responsible for food allergies. PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD is not responsible for any kind of allergic reaction to anything consumed whilst attending our workshops. Please inform us about your limitations and take responsibility for any food and drinks that may cause any kind of allergic reaction to yourself. If in case any food is provided at the workshop you must inform us of your dietary requirements, and allergies so we can best accommodate you.

Cancellations or Change of Events:

Although most of the venues and destinations are sorted and secured, sometimes due to unforeseeable circumstances change of events can occur which are not in PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD’s control. In such a case, a change of events or destination will be addressed appropriate, and you will be informed immediately of such changes.

Refunds and Cancellations:
The deposit, and all payment amounts are non-refundable unless there is a cancellation of the event. In case of rescheduling due to unforeseeable circumstances, new dates will be shared duly. You will be offered a chance to sell your ticket if you cannot make it to the rescheduled dates. If you decide not to attend the event due to a cancellation from PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD, you will be offered a full refund.

This is to make sure that there will be no refund at all at any point unless PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD decide to cancel the workshop.

Reselling the Ticket
If for some reason you need to sell your tickets to any of the workshops offered by PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD, we will try our best to assist you in selling the ticket however this is subject to a fee of £50. The person you are selling your ticket to should contact us directly. Please note that the tickets for all the workshops are exclusive and limited, in case you decide to join again, we might not be able to offer you a position.

Please note to follow the payments instalments timely. If payments are not made on time, the slot is there to be lost and the balance paid will be retained. If you face any problems or difficulties during the payments, please contact us immediately so that it can be sorted out as soon as possible.

No Tolerance Policy:
It should be noted that we have a no-tolerance policy for misbehaviour and reserve the right to cancel the access of the person to the workshops for inappropriate actions and behaviour.  We pride ourselves in providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone and will not only kick the person out of the workshop but also ban them from all future projects or workshops.

Credits and Referencing:
You are free to use the images, or any kind of content created on the workshop for your personal, and your personal business use given that you properly mention the workshop and Workshopsbypm as well as people who are to be credited. If any submissions are to be made, please request the list of the necessary people to credit.

* “Workshopsbypm” is the brand name for the business ‘PEACHY MOMENTS WORKSHOPS LTD’.

* When posting on social media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or any other medium) its is necessary for you to credit the suppliers who helped make these workshops so great, and possible. A whole list of suppliers will be sent by email to you before the workshop. If by chance you miss the email, please request it, as you will not be able to post anything without the proper crediting of the organizers, and suppliers.

* The images taken or any other content generated can only be used for portfolio building, and used on sites/social media to promote your own business. It should not and cannot be used for your own workshop’s advertisements, portfolio builder or any other purpose not stated above. This also includes restrictions on any other business which is not your own videography or photography business.

*We reserve the right to alter/change the itinerary, and contents of the workshop at any point without notifying ticket purchasers.

* Even if you’re attending the workshop for the experience, please follow the requests above and credit the due suppliers.

* The people attending the workshop must be aged 18 or above.

* The ticket prices listed are per person as stated on the Brochures.

*Please note that tickets are not £0.00, the price enlisted in the Brochure for that specific workshop will list the total price, as well as the deposit amount to be made to secure your space on that workshop. Any ticket reserved should be paid for within 30 minutes of successful reservation. Only once you have paid your deposit your place will be confirmed for you.

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